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Bella Charitable Foundation (BCF) is a private family foundation that supports holistic education of underserved youth. 
Since 2016 we have provided 90+ college and preparatory high school scholarships around the San Francisco Bay Area.


The vision of the Bella Charitable Foundation is to maximize human potential and quality of life of individuals and global communities.



The Bella Charitable Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of individuals and communities by providing both formal education and life-long learning opportunities for impoverished, underserved and low socioeconomic populations.


Our overarching educational goal is to increase socioeconomic advancement for San Francisco Bay Area youths by: 

  • supporting each student’s academic success throughout high school, college, and beyond; including personal growth through positive mindsets

  • increasing college affordability for low-income students, Latinos, immigrant youth, undocumented students and first generation college students

  • supporting and working collaboratively with organizations that provide social-emotional and academic support, an affordable tract to college and college persistence 

  • collaborating with organizations and businesses that create innovative learning opportunities through extra-curricular activities which provide new experiences while building character and leadership skills

  • providing access to work-study or internship programs 

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