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Access to good information and helpful resources can open doors for aspiring students. We have collected resources that we believe can help students, parents, and teachers, addressing a range of needs including physical, mental, and financial. 
Resources for Emotional Support

The Science of Stress (Meditation & Mindfulness)
When and Where to Seek Help (Facts About Mental Health)

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy 

overview and recommended videos, books, websites (Khan Academy)

Checking Account and Debit Card Simulation 

Finances/ Savings
Finances/ Credit
How to Write a Check

Cyber Security

Resources for Academic Success

Study Guide

  • Procrastination

  • Organization

  • Before Class

  • During Class 

  • After Class

  • Where to get Books 

Master Schedule

Weekly Planner

Message from Bella: Beliefs & Other "Proofs"

Message from the Bella Charitable Foundation – dedicated to life-long learning, education, social justice, and building a better and more peaceful world by helping youths reach their maximum potential.

Preparing for Work Success

●  Writing an email

●  How to Write a Resume

●  Resume Worksheet and Format

●  Cover Letter

●  Saying it with Impact

●  Interviewing Tips

●  Know Your E-Identity: how can social media affect your job prospects

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