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Access to good information and helpful resources can open doors for aspiring students. We have collected resources that we believe can help students, parents, and teachers, addressing a range of needs including physical, mental, and financial. 

We have compiled more than 200 pages of useful information ranging from Academic, Preparation for the Work Force, Financial Literacy and Emotional Support. Study guides,  how to write resumes, cover letters, prepare for an interview, understanding financial documents or tools to manage stress and anxiety and more. 

Planning for College


As with planning for your education, planning for your career can make all the difference. We have compiled tools to help you explore options and create your plan. 

Stress and Mindfulness

Successful planning for college and a career includes a focus on mental wellness. We have compiled some resources to help you manage your stress through mindfulness and other practices.

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Good strategies and preparation is very important to succeed in your career, from high school to college and beyond. We have put together a guide with advice and tools covering organization, how to fight procrastination, tips for before, during and after class, and more. 

Helping your child navigate the options and decisions around higher education can be daunting and stressful. We're pulling together resources to help you, as a parent, find information and support. 

For Teachers

As a teacher, you instruct and guide young people on their journey toward a promising adulthood. To support you in this vital endeavor, we have compiled information and tools that both support you and make your work easier.

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