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Manolita's Grant for the Care of Refugees - Application 

This grant is being offered for refugee support groups, either 501(c)3 or other tax exempt organizations based in the U.S., that provide direct educational or supportive programming for refugee families: women, children and/or youth anywhere in the world. The grant has been named in honor of Manolita Puyuelo Broto and her story as well as the application can be found on our website at under the “scholarship tab”.

Our main goal is to provide educational opportunities, including in the arts, and/or emotional support programs to women, children and youth who have been displaced because of forced migration, including asylum seekers and refugees.


The first grant will be awarded in the amount of $5,000 in December of 2019.

Everything we do is motivated by our core values of human dignity, love and respect for all people.
Who should apply?

Manolita’s Grant is meant to support grassroots or small non-profit organizations offering educational or emotional support programs at the borders, in refugee camps, or centers here in the U.S., where refugees or migrants spend time. The grant is meant to help with this vulnerable, and traumatized group of people in order to ease their suffering through engaging and/or therapeutic activities.


Examples include: social-emotional support group, art/music therapy, play/learning activities in the arts, including theater, dance, music, or art based activities. It may include group therapeutic activities based on experiential models of learning or personal development.

“Some of the most comforting words in the universe are ‘me too.’ That moment when you find out that your struggle is also someone else’s struggle, that you’re not alone, and that others have been down the same road.” – Anonymous

Other Rules and Qualifying Notes
  • The grant money must be spent directly on program costs and not on general operational costs of running the non-profit or organization.

  • The programming must not discriminate based on gender, nationality, citizenship, or “legal status”, race or color, religion or belief system, and/or disabilities. The grant money may not be used to create programs for advancing political or religious views. 

  • We cannot fund the purchase or rental of land or buildings associated with the applicants humanitarian work. We can fund materials that will be used directly to run the programs, such as paper, art supplies, books, educational toys and the like. 

  • Everything we do is motivated by our core values of compassion, human dignity, respect and hope for all humanity, and the basic rights for all people to be living in a safe and nurturing environment. Evaluation of programs will be based on which organization aligns with our values and whether they can serve this community.

  • Our hope is that the grant money will be used to serve as many people as possible and is not meant to sponsor a particular child or family.

  • We will give priority to small or grassroots organizations working directly with refugees, and not NGOs or large well-funded national non-profits. ​

The submission period for this grant is from 
October 1st - November 1, 2021

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