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Burlingame High School Scholarships 


The 3-year goal for students is to demonstrate social emotional growth by understanding intrinsic motivations and values in order to make purpose driven decisions. This will help guide students through the complex world we live in, while respecting the earth and the interconnected between people and nature. Students will develop leadership skills by their involvement in community building and completing a community project in their senior year.  Additionally, students are given resources, tools and strategies for academic success. Upon completing Project Wayfinder, students will be given a scholarship (up to $5,000) to attend college or trade school.

General Information for Burlingame High School Scholarships

The Bella Charitable Foundation provides “earned” academic scholarships for students who want to attend either a 4-year university, college, or vocational school. Eligible students include:

  • students whose family has an annual income less than $125,000;

  • first generation college bound students with financial need;


  • and/or underrepresented students.

We are seeking students who, despite the socio-economic hardships they or their family experience, are willing to be a part of a cohort, or group (Bella Scholars) that will support each other in achieving personal growth, a sense of wellness, purpose and belonging, while pursuing educational goals.


Once accepted as a Bella Scholar, students will “earn” scholarship money by attending Bella Scholars Workshops/Meetings that will be offered approximately 6-8 times throughout the year, beginning in the summer following 9th grade. This will be an after-school program.

What Can I Expect as a Bella Scholar?

Bella Scholars can expect both group support (Bella Scholar cohort) and one-on-one counseling and/or curriculum support when needed or requested. Our workshops will focus on a variety of relevant topics for students that will include subjects like: conflict resolution and communication, career planning, goal setting, maintaining healthy relationships, dealing with stress, character building, creating self- confidence and leadership skills, to name a few.

Once accepted as a Bella Scholar, students will “earn” scholarship money by attending Bella Scholar Workshops/Meetings that will be offered approximately 4-6 times throughout the year, beginning in the summer following 9th grade.

We will have one mandatory workshop and luncheon in early August, before the start of your sophomore year. We will review the Bella Scholar Program at Burlingame High School, and chart out individual goals. You will meet current Bella Scholars who are in college or about to head off to college.

Students are also expected to attend all workshops unless ill or because of unavoidable extenuating circumstances.

We will aid students in scheduling visits to college campuses, help with finding job shadow opportunities and/or internships, assist with filling out the FAFSA and writing college essays.

Both students and parents will be expected to sign a contract between all parties, the Bella Charitable Foundation, the Bella Scholar and the parent.

Students must complete the FAFSA or Dream Application in 12th grade. Students must maintain a minimum High School GPA of 2.5 or above.

For Questions about the Bella Scholar Program or to request an application, email:


Application Deadline On or Before June 10th, 2019 for current freshmen.

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