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Become a Bella Scholar

Scholars'16 visit to Arcus

Tell Us Your Story

We are eager to hear the authentic voices of students who care about their education and are passionate and persistent in pursuit of their dreams.


We know the challenges of underserved,and untapped talented students of low-income families and immigrant students.

Bella Charitable Foundation (BCF) Programs:

Bella Scholarships

College scholarships for highly motivated low-income, first generation, or underserved students attending a 4-year university or college, community college or trade school.

Grant Making

Supporting other non-profits with similar missions through grant-making.


Bella Scholars (BHS)

Our 3-year goal for students is to demonstrate social emotional growth by understanding intrinsic motivations, character strengths, and values that will guide students in purpose driven decisions. This program helps students navigate through the complex world we live in, while respecting the earth and the interconnected between people and nature. Students will develop leadership skills by their involvement in community building and completing a community project in their senior year.  Additionally, students are given resources, tools and strategies for academic success. Upon completing Project Wayfinder, students will be given a scholarship (up to $5,000) to attend college or trade school.

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